About Level Up Wrestling

Level Up Wrestling originally began as a full time training center in Marietta, Georgia.

Overtime, I realized that for wrestlers to reach their full potential, I needed to coach the parents as well. But there was nothing out there to help parents navigate the world of wrestling.

So I started documenting my experiences, both as a coach and a parent. I started decoding the patterns of what was working and not working.

Level Up Wrestling has since grown into more than a training center. We are now developing content to help both parents and coaches improve their skills to make a more positive impact on the wrestling community as a whole.

About Me

My name is Donovan Panone and I started coaching in 1994 when I was 20 years old. My first 21 years as a coach were spent volunteering with two USA Wrestling youth feeder programs and a high school program. Although volunteering was fulfilling, I knew I had more to give.

I found myself constantly studying the sport, developing new drills and ways to teach that would improve my wrestlers’ learning curve. I knew I wanted to coach for a living and had always dreamed of starting my own gym.

I finally decided to follow my passion and opened Level Up Wrestling Center in June 2015.

Since opening, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to coach wrestlers of all skill levels. From beginners who struggle for years to developing state and national champions, including Super 32 champs, Fargo champs and winners of Flowrestling’s Who’s #1.

More importantly, I’m also the parent of a wrestler who started when he was four years old. I’ve seen all the highs and lows of the sport—not just through the eyes of a coach, but also as a father.