Wrestling Parent Resource Center

After years of coaching, I realized there was nothing out there to guide parents through the unique experience of being the parent of a wrestler.

This website is a collection of wisdom from over 28 years of coaching experience, as well as being the father of a wrestler myself. I hope you find the resources valuable.

Coach Donovan Panone, Level Up Wrestling

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The Book

Practical guidance and real life stories from years in the trenches. Be confident you are doing the right things to support your wrestler and help them reach their potential on and off the mat.

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New Parent Crash Course

Be prepared for the world of wrestling by learning the rules, understanding how to navigate tournaments and ways you can best support your new wrestler’s journey in this amazing sport.

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Simple blueprints to help you with complex topics such as cutting weight, college recruiting and skin infections.

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Quick tips, wisdom and resources to help you navigate the world of wrestling.

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What Parents Are Saying

“This book is life changing!”

“Wow! A must read for new AND old wrestling parents!”

“Save yourself time and many mistakes…absorb what this book is telling us.”

“I highly recommend it no matter where you are in the journey”

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Dummies Guide to Cutting Weight for Wrestling

Detailed instructions for how to make weight the right way without starving yourself.

How to Get Recruited for College Wrestling

Help your wrestler know the steps it takes to get recruited and earn a college wrestling scholarship.

Common Skin Infections and How to Identify Them

Wrestling skin infection guide

Many skin infections are misdiagnosed, even by doctors. Be confident you are identifying and treating the right thing.

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  • College wrestling recruiting can be overwhelming for parents and wrestlers. I just went through the process myself so here are some tips.

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