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This book contains practical guidance and real life stories from years in the trenches as both a coach and a parent. You’ll learn lessons derived from experiences with thousands of wrestlers and parents.

Also hear from wrestlers who started as kids (most with losing records) and have gone on to national level success in high school and college.

In How to Succeed (and Fail) as a Wrestling Parent, Coach Donovan Panone uses his 28+ years of coaching experience to help you navigate the world of wrestling. He is also the father of a wrestler and shares his unique perspective. You will learn from what he’s seen done right, wrong and way wrong.

Whether you are brand new to wrestling or are deep in the journey, there is something for parents at every stage. The lessons in this book will provide you with the confidence that you can handle anything along your journey as a wrestling parent.


  • Understand the role you should play as a wrestling parent
  • Learn the process it takes to achieve long-term success in wrestling and life
  • Know what to do, say (and not say) at tournaments and practices
  • Learn how confidence is really built and ways you may be sabotaging that
  • Gain perspectives on training, competing and the importance of embracing adversity
  • Develop ways to strengthen the relationship with your wrestler
  • Enable your wrestler to love the sport and learn valuable lessons they will take into life
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I hope you find the book invaluable to your experience as the parent of a wrestler. Wrestling is such an amazing sport and teaches incredible life lessons. I’ve packed the book full of wisdom and stories that will enrich the relationship you have with your wrestler and help them reach their full potential.

– Coach Donovan

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