One of my wrestlers (a 6th grader) came into practice yesterday, two days after not placing in the state tournament, hungrier than ever. He wasn’t satisfied with his results this season. He knows he has more to give and more he’s capable of.

On his own, he developed a set of goals and an action plan to get there. In order to help your wrestler, I’ve developed a simple template they can use to set goals and more importantly, outline the steps they will take to achieve those goals.

>> Download the free goal & action plan template here <<

This is how it works…train, compete, evaluate, learn, repeat. If you’ve read my book, you know. They need to own the process and take specific and deliberate action. You can present this to your wrestler, but they need to be the one setting the goals.

Your role as a parent?

  • Help them think through the goals. Make result and skill based goals.
  • Help them think through the action plan, but make sure they own it. It’s not instructions from you.
  • Help hold them accountable to creating this plan (have them do it right away or set a deadline for it to be completed). Tell them that their coach wants them to present the goals to them (of course, talk to their coach about this).
  • Confirm that they are okay with you helping them stay accountable to these plans. BUT let them know it’s ultimately up to them to do these things. If they don’t do it, then that’s on them and the consequence is not achieving the goals that they said they wanted.


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