Dummies Guide to Cutting Weight for Wrestling

Most wrestlers make horrible and unsafe mistakes trying to cut weight for wrestling. There is a way to do it that doesn’t involve starvation and sapping all your energy. This guide will provide a safe and systematic method for making weight the right way.

  • Have a plan mapped out weeks in advance
  • Eat and stay hydrated the right way
  • Maximize your workouts without draining your energy
  • Understand the difference between “cutting weight” and managing your weight
  • Get to the weight class where you will perform your best (not necessarily the lightest one)
  • Learn tips and tricks from 28+ years of coaching wrestling

Getting to the right weight for big events can make or break your season and have a big impact if you are being recruited by colleges. Make sure you are doing it right and wrestle your best.

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This weight cutting guide contains detailed instructions for how to make weight the right way. Most wrestlers make the mistake of starving themselves or withholding water. Not only are these unhealthy practices, they also make it harder to make weight.

Learn the secrets for cutting weight the right way, while still having the energy to practice hard and prepare for competition.


  • Detailed timeline for 3 weeks before a single event
  • Common mistakes most wrestlers make that hurt the process
  • The definition of “Cutting” Weight
  • Should you cut weight and if so, how much?
  • How to hydrate properly
  • Last minute tricks if you are still overweight
  • Foods to eat
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